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Zanna, Don't! 
A Musical Fable 

Playing at Artefactus in Kendall
August 10-13, 2023

Welcome to Heartsville High, a school that is set in a world where everyone is gay–well, almost everyone! Zanna is the school’s magical fairy matchmaker, bringing true love to everyone around him, but heterophobia strikes when a pair of opposite-sex highschoolers discover their feelings for each other. This off-broadway gem features fierce singing, fun musical dance numbers, and a hilarious yet touching storyline that will make for a show that will leave a big impression on our audiences.


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Ride the Cyclone

Playing at Artistic Vibes in Pinecrest
JUNE 9-11, 2023

In this hilarious and outlandish story, the lives of six teenagers from a Canadian chamber choir are cut short in a freak accident aboard a roller coaster. When they awake in limbo, a mechanical fortune teller invites each to tell a story to win a prize like no other — the chance to return to life. A funny, moving look at what makes a life well-lived!

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